Gorenje supports a new project for innovation

Franjo Bobinac
Goenje supports the Pattern City project, which is intended to contribute to the promotion of know-how from Slovenia and Velenje. «For Gorenje, being a part of a very mature domestic appliances industry, – said Franjo Bobinac, President and CEO of Gorenje Group, and president of the Club of Entrepreneurs of the Savinja and Šalek Region – which is marked by rapid technology development and rapid competition growth, differentiation on the market is key for success, and the key element of differentiation is our know-how. We have vast amounts of know-how across Slovenian universities, industries and even elementary and secondary schools. Bobinac sees Pattern City as a platform for education, development and identification of young potentials, which will contribute to circulation of knowledge. «Pattern City – he explained at the opening of the Patten City – is a big step forward. It is a foundation for becoming even better: if companies are successful, cities will be successful. However, in order to achieve this, we first need smart people.»