A new intelligent oven by GE Appliances


The new GE Profile™ wall oven features an LCD screen display that allows the user truly cook by food type. The 7-inch, full-color brilliant touch display helps to harness the high-tech culinary skills of the oven in a stylish and easy-to-navigate user interface.
«This wall oven model is the difference between a feature phone and a smartphone – said Brian McWaters, marketing director for GE Appliances’ built-in cooking products. – Sure, you could make ‘calls’ on both, but once the LCD screen replaced physical buttons, a world of opportunity opened up. The same holds true here.»
The new wall oven, which will have the ability to download additional algorithms and cooking tips as they roll out, is one of the latest steps in GE Appliances’ effort to help owners prepare meals using assisted cooking with a WiFi connection. Recent partners like Drop, which preheats GE Appliances connected ovens at just the right point in the recipe, and Innit, which sends cooking instructions directly to connected ovens, help guide an owner through the cooking process.