The professional barbecue by Fulgor Milano


Fulgor Milano BBQ Professional is a versatile products that offers the opportunity of grilling, cooking, roasting meat, fish or vegetables outdoors.
Made from AISI steel, resistant to humidity, salt spray and the elements, to guarantee durability, the SBQ 1000 G X barbecue is equipped with 4 in-line gas burners with a total power of 14 kW, two large steel grills and a fry top plate that allows to cook vegetables and shellfish directly on the steel surface without added seasonings. Moreover, it can be completed with two different type of lids, choosing between a simple one, which protects the cooking surface after cooking and a high cover for cooking roasts whilst maintaining the temperature inside.
In order to guarantee totally freedom in its positioning, this barbecue is also provided with a long-lasting battery that lets the user ignite the burners electronically, even when he positions it far from electrical power supplies.