Home appliances using active oxygen


Use of active oxygen in washing machine, refrigerators and dryers, eliminates bacteria, providing a disinfectant action

Active oxygen is widely used in home and cosmetics industries and even the household appliance sector has been able to make it a plus, applying it to various products with specific solutions. The use of this element is widespread among laundry additives, but also in home and personal detergents, including toothpastes. It is a chemical element with disinfectant and purifying properties, that is called “active” because of its effective activity in removing bacteria, stains and impurities.
To give an idea of ​​how significant its purifying action is, just think that it is currently used, such as chlorine, for the disinfection of pool water, respecting environment and people skin. It is, in fact, eco-compatible and does not damage skin.
This is why it is widely used in laundry, removing dirt without damaging even the most delicate clothes. But it is also a valuable ally to purify the air in the fridge. And not only.

In the washing machine it purifies, removes stains and eliminates odors

Some washing machines have been equipped with state-of-the-art systems that propagate active oxygen directly into the drum in specific stages of the washing cycle or with some predefined programs.
In the first case, there is the addition of a phase to the normal cycle, during which a sort of bath with active oxygen is made to the laundry, after which it is treated regularly with the program and centrifuge selected by the user.
This, above all, has the advantage of sanitizing the garments without the use of other additives and maintaining low temperatures. In some washing machines, the use of active oxygen is also pre-set in specific programs that refresh, sanitize and eliminate bad smells from garments that do not require a real wash or a stains removing.
The delicacy of active oxygen treatments makes it suitable for any kind of fabric, even the most delicate, because it does not damage the fibers and does not discolor them. In addition, as this treatments do not use other detergents, there is no risk of spoiling fine fabrics that are usually washed by hand.

Washing: what consumers must know about the benefits of active oxygen models

Hygiene Washing machines and dishwashers which use active oxygen purify and disinfect, eliminating germs and bacteria, without the use of additives
Removing odors from garments


The spread of active oxygen in the drum returns disinfected clothes and without bad odors


Delicate action The active oxygen diffused into the machine does not damage clothes, respecting colors and skin. It is also possible to refresh delicate fabrics, such as silk, which are often washed by hand


Eco-compatibility Active oxygen does not pollute and respects the environment


Washing machine care


Some models make use of active oxygen for the sanitation and cleaning of the machine itself

In the fridge food is preserved longer

The antibacterial properties of active oxygen are very useful in the refrigerator too. In fact, in many cooling appliances, an automated release system of this element has been applied in order to limit bacterial proliferation, purifying air and environment so that food can be preserved longer. In an environment like that of the fridge, one of the most significant advantages of this technology is undoubtedly the limitation of the bad odor spread.
In practice, active oxygen slows down the proliferation of molds and bacteria with the triple result of prolonging the freshness, preserving the organoleptic properties and reducing odors, sanitizing the air circulating inside the fridge.

Refrigerator: what consumers must know about the benefits of active oxygen solutions

Anti-bacterial function


In the refrigerator, full of organic foods, bacteria can easily proliferate, but the active oxygen contributes to purify the air, slowing and limiting this process


Removing odors Less bacteria and purest air also mean a refrigerator without persistent bad odors
Food lasts longer and is fresher Active oxygen widespread into the refrigerator has a beneficial effect on food deterioration processes that, by limiting the presence of bacteria, are slowed down, allowing foods not to rot precociously
Less waste


Food is preserved longer, limiting its waste



Eco-compatibility Active oxygen does not pollute and respects the environment


Beautiful hair without stress

Regarding Personal Care, the use of active oxygen is common, for example, in hairstyling appliances, such as hairdryers, where for years experts have been finding solutions to avoid hair damaging due to heat and prolonged styling.
For this aim, active oxygen spreading led to an improvement, limiting the dryness of the hair, not opening the scales, enhancing color (even on dyed hair) and brightness. It also reduces the electrostatic charge of the hair that remains so simpler to comb and shape. Thanks to the purifying properties, it also limits the proliferation of germs responsible for dandruff or seborrhea. Finally, the drying times are shortened because water evaporates quickly and the bond between hair and color is strengthened, in the case of dyes, which last longer and remain brilliant.

Hair-care: what consumers must know about the active oxygen benefits

Less damaged hair Active oxygen does not damage the hair but reduces dandruff and seborrhea, also limiting the electrostatic charge


Health and beauty Hair remains soft, smoother and shiny. The colors bind better and last longer


Functionality Hair drying is speeded up