Adex and Smau awards for Faber

Scirocco-Lux by Faber

It is a very successful year for the Italian hoods manufacturer Faber, that has received important awards both in Italy and abroad. Faber US & Canada conquered the Gold and Platinum awards for the Stratus and Scirocco Lux hoods distributed on the North American market.
The Adex Awards, promoted by the Design Journal, have been a prestigious recognition in the field of architecture and design since 1994. Every year a panel of judges select the winners among over 2,500 candidates and in the latest edition Faber has reached the final stage of the competition for twelve years running.
«We are very proud to have received these prestigious awards – commented Riccardo Remedi, Managing Director of the company. – Faber has always combined the latest technology with original, functional and attractive design. These awards are clear confirmation that we are moving in the right direction.»
Stratus, a flush fitting, ceiling mounted hood that eliminates obstacles over the cooking range, and Scirocco Lux, a hood installed inside the kitchen worktop, with an electric motor to raise and lower it, are Faber’s most prestigious products for the 2017 American market.
In Italy, instead, the brand recently signed J-Project, an open source, perfectly vertical hood, equipped with Nautilus diffuser, a model with very small sizes but very efficient and performant that allows the appliance to reach the A energy class. This concept received the Smau innovation award, an important prize assigned in Italy for very innovative solutions.