Energy and smart home: a winning partnership


Many are the smart functions featured by the new connected appliances, but one of the most important is the energy consumption control. Energy efficiency and diffusion of the smart devices are two of the 4 pillars of Ceced Europe HA2025 vision, a strategic project to relaunch the home appliances industry. Recently Ceced took part to the Smart Energy Summit, an event attended by representatives of many industrial sectors that are currently examining the New Electricity Market Design enshrined within the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package, unveiled last November. Ceced believes that the Package can make a significant contribution to improving the way energy is consumed and empower consumers as a significant player in Europe’s future energy system. The Smart Energy Summit, organized by the Smart Energy Demand Coalition, aimed to define the current and future contributions from various energy end-use sectors from industry to residential consumers to a better, more sustainable energy system for Europe.

«Consumers – explained Paolo Falcioni, Ceced Europe general director – will soon be able to not only cut their energy bills through using energy efficient appliances: they will also be able to cut their bills through the use of smart appliances that will seek to use electricity when its cost is lower, for example shifting a fridge’s defrost cycle to non-peak times of the day».
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