Hanami: the new concept signed by minotticucine


The latest edition of Fuorisalone in Milan was the right occasion for minotticucine to presents its new creation: the Hanami kitchen. The model, design by Alberto Minotti, is realized with fossil wood and Henraux marbles. With this project minotticucine goes back to the tradition, reinserting the handle within its design range, while maintaining its typical elegant minimalism. The inspiration for the design of Hanami comes from Japan and its minimalist culture, and in particular from the famous shoji walls, typical of the Japanese room “Washitsu”. In this kitchen, handles and vertical profiles are not decoration or appendix but functional and useful elements. In the same way the horizontal protruding components become handles, because in Hanami the protruding elements are designed to be necessary. This is the philosophy itself of minotticucine. Moreover, the choice of fossil wood responds to the need to give the kitchen a timeless beauty, also thanks to the work surface cut at 45°, eliminating the thickness and distinguishing the aesthetic concept of minotticucine.