Arrital: professional cooking arrives at home

Arrital kitchen, AkB_08 range, concept 01

Arrital proposes different concepts of kitchen environment, such as AkB_08, born from a strategic marketing vision which brings together the creativity of the Michelin star chef, Andrea Berton, and the design vocation of the architect, Franco Driusso. AkB_08 takes the functional requirements of a professional kitchen into the home with a sophisticated look. The concept 1 is a modular solution made in stainless steel, characterized by simple shapes and doors in Fenix NTM® Piombo Doha. In this model, all the utensils are on hand: the multi-purpose, stainless steel work tops increase the chef’s working area. A pop-up panel, located near the sink, places all the utensils the user could need for food preparation and cleaning on the worktop while a thin steel plate slides into position to provide extra space when the food does not need washing.