Elegance and performance for the new Circle.Tech hoods by Falmec



New hoods range for Falmec, the Italian company specialized in the manufacturing of kitchen hoods with refined design. The new entries of the brand offer are the models of the Circle.Tech collection. Equipped with an innovative system that integrates into a single body suction and filtration, these products maximize the efficiency and reduce the size in order to offer new and original design opportunities.
Unlike traditional hoods, the Circle.Tech system develops horizontally: the outgoing air passes through a filtering body that envelops the engine, spreading evenly. In addition, the circular shape ensures maximum filtering surface, excellent performance in terms of suction and extremely silent operation. Thanks to the exclusive Carbon.Zeo filter, which combines activate carbon and zeolite – ideal material for the sorption of organic compounds and water vapor – the hoods of Circle.Tech line are able to retain odors with great efficacy compared to the classic solutions filtering. The range includes the island models: Sophie,  Dama (in the photo), Materia, Soffio, Vetra and Loop
Falmec was founded near Treviso (Italy) in 1981, expressing the Italian know-how and taste in all its appliances.