Faber: quality award to Sassoferrato plant



For the fifth year running, Faber, historical Italian company of kitchen hoods, assigned the Quality Continuous Improvement Award to its Sassoferrato production plant. The award is an historical initiative of the company, launched eleven years ago with the aim of accommodating the challenges of an increasingly global and competitive market. Reasons of choice of this year are the major focus on product quality and outstanding performance in terms of efficiency and efficacy of all phases of the production process of the Sassoferrato plant, that has overtaken Sweden, Argentina and Turkey, which nevertheless demonstrated top-level results. What’s more, from this year, for the first time ever, the contest pens its doors to the plants in France and Mexico too, who will be joining the competition for the 2016 award. Faber’s Quality Continuous Improvement Award was launched in 2005 as a local contest and today it has become an international competition between the Group’s production plants.