Miele obtained best evaluation by Stiftung Warentest



Stiftung Warentest recently conducted some tests among dishwashers, published in their ‘test’ magazine (Edition 6/2016). Among the semi-integrated units, the winner was Miele’s G 6200 SCi, a model in A+++ class; the fully integrated but otherwise identical G 6260 SCVi came out top among fully integrated dishwashers. Testers almost swooned when they inspected the interior of Miele’s G 6200 SCi: ‘Plates stand in three rows in the lower basket. Wine glasses hang from height-adjustable holders’, StiWa says in its editorial section, and continues: ‘At the end of a cycle, the test winner automatically opens the door to allow fresh air in to dry crockery. The model tested from the Bielefeld production plant, which incidentally is celebrating its centenary in July, features the three top marks for cleaning performance in the Eco program, the ‘Automatic’ program and the ‘Short’ program.