BOMPANI Giving back value to small daily actions


Not only an Italian product but the essence of Italian culture and its excellence in the kitchen is what Bompani wants to transmit to buyers and consumers

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By Stefano Troilo

Since 1954, Bompani is present in the lives of families with solutions that meet every king of need.  Today, its brand expresses a made- in-Italy that goes beyond the technical and aesthetic aspects. Its household appliances, manufactured in Italian factories, are permeated by a common vision, in order to recover the “truth”.
«‘Live, cook and buy Italian’ is our slogan, because Bompani exports all over the world not only a product, but also the way of living it. It is a cultural operation, intended to feed our business for a long time», Enrico Vento, the managing director, explains.

Enrico Vento, managing director of Bompani
Enrico Vento, managing director of Bompani

If the ability to listen to the market is important, how is it possible to read the new trends among the lines of the current demand?
This is precisely the essence of being an entrepreneur, who is an artist that assimilates culture, technique and feelings from the context in which he lives, translating them into products. Behind every successful enterprise, there is always a great entrepreneur. No management can take his place.  There are some exceptions, such as Apple, where Steve Jobs, great entrepreneur, had the ability to transmit his culture within the company. Normally, this process occurs more easily in an  organization with small or medium size than in a large multinational one. As for us, we are taking this path rediscovering the kitchen, its being a center of aggregation for the family and, at the same time, a tool that allows people to live a healthier life.

What tools allow to satisfy the needs of buyers and customers?
Nowadays, buyers are focused very much on price, or commodity identifiable through standards and codes: this debases the authentic role of household appliances. Simply, we propose them solutions that make people feel good, alone or together, and meet the need to live better.

What must a product have to stand out in a global market?
In order to avoid the risk of standardization, it is necessary to support the product with a “vision” about its role in the world. The Bompani’s offer brings with itself the connotation of the Italian and Emilian culture, richest of excellence in terms of nutrition, manufacturing and design.

The concept of innovation has become almost a commonplace for every company. But what does it mean for you?
Innovation is not what, normally, they believe it is, but a process connected to everyday life. It is the evolution during the time of an idea, which fits the context in which it lives. It is constantly evolving, sometimes anticipating, sometimes following the needs of consumers. It does not take life in a laboratory, or in a center for research and development, places where it is only materialized or setup.

In which direction are you orienting the research and development activities?
Our greatest commitment is oriented to recover the “truth” of appliances, going back to their origins and the role they had in the houses. The current risk, in fact, is the ” photocopy effect “, under which products have taken an end in itself meaning, and are conveyed in force of their price. It is what is happening, unfortunately, in the big manufacturing.

How is this setting developed, in operational terms?
For a refrigerator, for example, cold is an essential element. However, by restarting from the mission of this product, which is to prevent the proliferation of bacteria that alter food, it is evident that the choice of antibacterial materials is equally decisive. And in addition, it is necessary to create different levels of temperature and humidity, because not all food is preserved in the same way. These considerations give an idea of how our research and development activities are oriented.

Is the decline in consumption, caused by the crisis, water under the bridge, or is it still conditioning the market?
We must ask ourselves what caused it, first of all. In my opinion, it was a great indigestion. Like that of a child who has eaten all the candies contained in a bag. My father told me that, when he was a child, at parties he received money to buy one biscuit. Just one. This is the direction we want to follow. Only good things and with the right quality. Crisis occurred also because we have lost the meaning of consumption, which should not be a great feast, but respond to specific needs. I hope we will not repeat the mistakes of the past again, as if nothing had happened. To buy a cheap kitchen, that will have to be replaced in a few years, makes no sense. On the contrary, it takes away value to the spent money. We should come back considering the purchase of an appliance as an important investment, which involves the whole family.

How does the balance evolve among industry, trade and consumer?
It is desirable that the industry restart to produce quality goods, expressing some contents. In this step, trade has the key role of mediator to the consumer. Internet helps consumers to be more aware, to gather information and compare it. But the consumer must develop his own awareness, he must ask himself why he is buying something.

In which way will the relationship be re-modulated between store and e-commerce?
The traditional store would be the ideal place to touch products personally and exchange opinions with a seller. However, in the stores we see heaps of products and with difficulty we get information from someone who, meanwhile, is switching from the sale of a mobile phone to that of a washing machine. At this rate, trade risks to be wiped out from e-commerce where people buy on the basis of information that has already replaced the physical contact, and on the basis of the trust in the website.

What are the aims you would like to reach, if not yet done?
Bompani has come to the current point thanks to the confidence of our customers. By focusing on their needs, we have overcome difficult moments in recent years. But conquering the trust of our interlocutors is not enough. We must keep it and feed it day by day. This is our aim.

The domestic hearth
«Refrigerator has changed our lives, allowing us to save food for a long period. With the washing tools we save a lot of time. Robots help us to cook and to take back the contact with recipes and ingredients. ambiente CUCINA (427x640)Nevertheless, in all this, kitchen keeps a central and irreplaceable role. For Bompani, kitchen must recover its social role and come back to be the domestic hearth, the center of family life. And if nowadays they tend to keep it hidden, with oven and hob separate, we continue to think of it as a single thing, well identified in the space. In the house of tomorrow, kitchen must be robust, safe, elegant. It must represent an important investment for the family and, therefore, combine well with the environment in which it is placed.»
Rediscoverig the origins
Krystal_AMBIENTE (640x328)All Bompani’s ranges aim at the recovery of the deeper meaning of the kitchen. Some product lines are essential, and are equipped with the basic features. Others have been enriched with aesthetic elements and several functionalities. In addition, the offer is articulated in two styles: retrò, for products that evoke vintage sensations, and professional, with lines that recall the steel kitchens used by chefs and professionals. On this idea, without anyway renouncing to pleasant contaminations, the other collections are also placed: refrigerators, ovens, hobs, dishwashers, washing machines, small appliances.