Cleaning cordless with CordZero by Lg


LG CordZero_1Lg launches CordZero, a smart wireless vacuum cleaner, that allows to clean all the house without  cable. In addition, this model is equipped with a PowerPack 80V lithium-ion battery that ensures a suction autonomy up to 40 minutes. The Smart Inverter Motor, guaranteed for 10 years, provides higher efficiency and longevity, thanks to the presence of only two elements – the motor and the piston – and a reduction of internal friction. ColdZero also features the advanced RoboSense that allows the vacuum cleaner to follow automatically the user maintaining a constant distance. The Kompressor technology, finally, allows to suck a large amount of dust and compress it in the container, without the need to use bags and ensuring hygienic disposal, while the Hepa 14 Step Carbon filter holds more than 99.9% of dust.