Hi-Macs, design material by Lg Hausys



Thierry Wille, a Belgian designer with an international imprint, has created Taboustool, an innovative vintage style chair reinterpreting the ‘tabouret’, low stool without back very famous in France in the 17th century. Taboustool features four flat legs, hold up a body made with Hi-Macs, an acrylic stone, light to the eye but very durable. It is used for the realization of architectural facades as well as for interior design. It is fire, impact, scratch, mildew, stains and chemicals proof the point that, when used in the furnishings, making them ideal for contract, where they are subjected to a persistent and use often unaccompanied. Lg Hausys, part of Lg Group, is born from LG Chem’s spin-off on April 1, 2009. Employing more than 3’500 employees in the world, LG Hausys is split in 3 sections: Windows, Highly Functional Materials/Components and Interior Materials, to which Hi-Macs belongs. Lg Hausys Europe is the regional headquarters of LG Hausys. The office was established 2002 in Geneva, Switzerland, and integrates European sales & marketing operations of Hi-Macs. The Solid Surface material is fabricated in Cheongju plant in Korea and in Atlanta’s plant in the Usa.