Mitsubishi is studying a new concept of Smart Home


MitsubishiMitsubishi Electric Corporation has recently presented its next-generation concept for home life, Mitsubishi Electric Smart Home. This ambitious project combines sensors and linked appliances with other household equipment to support the daily lives of families by enabling individuals to easily share information about their mental and physical conditions.
The existing concept of smart houses involves the use of advanced appliances and other equipment via information technology, and visualizes as well as optimally controls household energy consumption. Mitsubishi Electric is taking the concept further by focusing on family members’ mental and physical conditions as well as comfortable, enjoyable stress-free lifestyles.
Practical applications of theĀ  Mitsubishi Electric Smart Home concept may include, for example, special solutions at the house entrance, such as: camera that identifies and authenticates each family member as they approach the front door; door-handle sensor collecting biological information, such as body temperature and heart-rate to assess the person’s physical condition.
In the kitchen, instead, Mitsubishi thinks of refrigerator door displays that recommends recipes based on body data collected with sensing devices and food items available in the refrigerator.
Although specific commercial applications for Mitsubishi Electric Smart Home have not been determined yet, the company is conducting research and development to apply the concept in its smart-house and home-appliance businesses.