EXPO 2015, an opportunity for Italy

Italian Pavilion of Expo 2015
Italian Pavilion of Expo 2015

Editorial by  Massimo Moscati

The Universal Exhibition in 2015 is a great opportunity to relaunch Italy, to enhance its great productive, technological and scientific excellence. The epicenter of this mission is the Italian Pavilion. Expectations are not few, and seem to coincide with an even slight recovery. With over twenty million visitors expected from all over the world, Expo 2015 represents an extraordinary opportunity for the internationalization process of the Italian SMEs (small and medium enterprises).
The expectation that Expo 2015 will be an event of extraordinary importance is palpable in the national productive world (and it is not affected by the numerous corruption cases arisen around the organization of the event): Expo 2015 is an unmissable opportunity to give visibility to the tradition and to the best made in Italy production, creativity and innovation, to restart the territory and give a tangible contribution to the relaunch of tourism and the recovery of competitiveness of the entire companies system.
And this is also reflected in our opening article in the words of Gianfelice Rocca, president of Assolombarda, when he declares that Italy has its oil too: it is a white oil made ​​up of brilliant minds, creativity and positive energy fielded every day by the Italian companies to start the recovery engine. Underlining the important role that the manufacturing sector still plays in the national economy.
Italy has to run on the side of the digital revolution, the laser sector, 3D productions and the Internet of things. After China and Japan, we are the third country in the world in manufacturing field and, in Italy excellence both in 3D productions and in the laser evolution is already present.
Of course we are behind the German companies and we should think of innovation learning from Berlin, the protagonist of an home made successful, the result of a high degree of social cohesion and extraordinary political stability. Then we have another major competitor in Europe, Poland, which ​​subtracted us most of the productions, on which we had built the success of our industrial system. An obvious example is what happened in the home appliances sector, which a few decades ago saw us as undisputed protagonists of the old continent and that today, instead, sees the giants of White Goods pack relocating production in other countries.
The hope that what will happen in our country in 2015 can restart the recovery in a structural way.