The new LG Smart Home has been presented at IFA 2014


LG Smart_Home_5001LG has unveiled at IFA its new LG Smart Home, a solution built around the idea of unifying multiple smart appliances into a single system in order to increase convenience and simplicity. Via LG HomeChat, users have integrated control of their smart home ecosystem, as well as intelligent time- and energy-saving modes such as Leaving Home, Coming Home or Vacation. LG Smart Home is compatible with existing open platform smart home systems, as well as appliances and devices from different manufacturers through open protocols such as AllJoyn, the open source software sponsored by AllSeen Alliance. Besides, LG Smart Home includes three separate but interrelated themes. The first, Supreme Trust, covers home monitoring, energy management and Smart Diagnosis. The second, Thrilling Burst, refers to LG’s Smart Hi-Fi Audio Wireless Multi Room system, while the third, Eminent Conversation, comprises tailored recommendations and useful one-touch modes including Vacation, Leaving Home, Grocery Shopping and Coming Home. Considering the different appliances, LG’s smart refrigerator has several innovative features such as Smart View, Smart Power Saving and Smart Manager. Smart View allows users to see the content of the refrigerator using a smartphone or tablet. Every time the fridge door is opened, the camera captures images of the interior shelves. Users can check these images through HomeChat to quickly assess what they need to buy while they’re at the supermarket.
The LG smart washing machine is equipped with Guided Laundry that can recommend and automatically apply the optimal settings for any type of laundering scenario. The Energy Monitoring feature, then, lets users compare how much energy the washer is consuming each month and displays the level of energy used by individual washing courses. Through the Download Cycle function, users can easily download a wide range of washing courses. Using Wi-Fi, NFC tagging and audible diagnosis, LG’s Smart Diagnosis alerts the user of technical issues. The smart LG washing machine also notifies the user when the drum needs cleaning. Besides, the new Home Guard feature enables the Hom-Bot Square robot vacuum to monitor the home while the owner is away. If the unit senses any movement, its integrated cameras will automatically take photos of the room and send them to the homeowner’s smartphone. Another feature, Home View, lets users control the smart vacuum cleaner with their smartphones from anywhere.
Finally, as regard to LG Smart Lightwave Oven, thanks to HomeChat and Recipe Search the homeowners can ask their smart LG oven to recommend recipes for specific dishes. Once the user has made their selection among recommended recipes, the oven will set the temperature and cooking time for that particular dish.