Global power of high tech appliances


According to the 2014 edition of Global Power of Consumer Product, the in-depth study by Deloitte about the global industry, five companies of the top 10 players in the world produce consumer electronics and household appliances: first place for Samsung Electronics; second for Apple; third for Panasonic; sixth for Sony and tenth for LG Electronics. This ranking shows that the sector is alive, dynamic and still very promising. Not surprisingly, the sales trend of the sector has surpassed clothing and food & beverage. Unfortunately, it remains an area impacted by reduced margins, strongly decreased over the past five years.
As for the retail, according to Global Power of Retailing 2014, by Deloitte too, the first operator in the world trade is the American giant Wal-Mart Stores, followed by the English Tesco, by the other American Costco Wholesale Corporation and by the French Carrefour. Metro (which include Media Markt and Saturn) is seventh place. The first retailer specialist in home appliances and consumer electronics in the ranking is the American Best Buy Co. (23th place); Apple is 50th place, with its Apple Store; at 70th we find Dixons Retail, at 187th Darty (Kesa Electricals).
With regard to the geographical distribution of the industry, Europe and North America are home to the largest number of companies, with a market share of 36.8%, respectively, and 32.8% of the 250 most important enterprises of the distribution. In Asia Pacific are located the 24% of the big players in the global trade. In terms of sales, 45.2% is concentrated in North America; 37.1% in Europe and 15.1% in Asia Pacific.
If we consider the number of active enterprises specialized in consumer electronics, 43% are located in Japan, but 39% in terms of sales is generated by the United States.
Comparing the potential of the retail specializing in consumer electronics with that of other sectors, according to an analysis by Deloitte, the consumer electronics is third after clothing and non-store and exceeds the areas of the house, discounters, supermarkets and hypermarket.