More space and flexibility with Ernestomeda Sign kitchen


The Sign kitchen by Ernestomeda, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, architect and art director of the company, is enriched with solutions that complete its potential, both in functional and design terms. These are elements of various kinds, from wall units and boiserie to storage elements to organize the spaces inside the drawers, up to tables that “hide” equipped compartments: thanks to their flexibility, they allow you to maximize the space available in the kitchen environment.

Among these elements, we can find Fit equipment, designed for organizing spaces in the kitchen and represents a precious element for those who want to maximize efficiency and functionality. These intelligent solutions allow to make the most of every centimeter of space available within the various elements that make up the kitchen, thus keeping it tidy, clean and aesthetically pleasing.

The Surf system of modular internal drawer equipment is another interesting element. It was designed to offer a complete, customizable solution for organizing kitchen drawers efficiently. Its modularity allows to create a more functional and organized work environment and is the ideal solution for those who want to maintain order and efficiency in the kitchen, thanks to a vast choice of customizable elements for the most varied needs, such as knife holders, spice racks, capsule holders, jar holders and film holders.

We would like to mention also Move-on Plus, a peninsula characterized by the practical sliding top, also available as a snack top. The top “hides” an equipped compartment underneath, useful for storing the most varied utensils that accompany preparations in the kitchen. Thanks to this proposal, Sign is able to vary the volumes of the environment, acquiring new space useful for containment.