Electrolux presents the result of “The Truth About Laundry” report


New research from Electrolux Group in laundry habits reveals Europe turns to 30° wash, driving down CO2 emissions. Three years of data in “The Truth About Laundry” report, shows 35 million households have turned down wash temperatures for potential saving of nearly 1 million tons of CO2 equivalent emissions.

The results of the longest and largest study of its kind into laundry behaviors across Europe reveal long established behaviors are changing at pace, in favor of the environment, as consumers seek to save energy costs. According to the study 35 million European households have turned to washing at 30°C since 2020; over 14 million of which have switched in the past 12 months. The turn to 30°C is likely to have saved over 952,000 tons of CO2 equivalent.

Moreover 44% of households are now mainly washing their clothes at 30°C or below, compared to 35% three years ago. Majority of Europe will be 30°C laundry zone by 2025 if trend continues, while 86% of all households have tried to reduce energy usage in the past twelve months and over half (56%) have specifically changed the way they launder.