ONO, an original project by Binova


Among Binova’s kitchens collections and projects, ONO is one of the most interesting. «We are deconstructing the concept of furnishing by setting each element free, central and 360°explorable – the company explaned –. The same shape can change its reflection, its finishing, its heart: each ONO has its own purpose and fulfills it perfectly. ONO is the unexpected in a multitasking reality: it means focusing on a single action. ONO is an act of elegant devotion to the satisfaction of needs and pleasures».

ONO synthesizes the washing function: it contains a flush built-in sink, with the gap for its retractable tap. The inner structure is matt black lacquered, while the lateral structure and the sink are Dekton Kelia finished. The four front doors are 6 millimetre thick and made of Canaletto walnut wood.

The Hub Stone, the cutting-edge induction invisible hob unit, is the common ground where complexity and essentiality meet. The inner structure is matt black lacquered, with a steel drawer for cutlery. The lateral structure is made of stoneware, while the four front doors are made of 6 millimetre thick aluminum honeycomb, lacquered bronze effect.