New sustainable step for Miele


Miele further expands self-sufficiency in green electricity. At its headquarters in Gütersloh, the company is currently installing the second-largest roof-top PV array in the town, comprising around 2,400 PV modules. The installation will have a total output of around 900 kWp and will generate more than 750,000 kWh of electricity per year – sufficient to power some 250 households, each with an annual average consumption of 3,000 kWh. Construction work has already commenced, with the facility expected to enter service this year.

An innovative solar power plant to help Miele increase its own power generation and reduce emissions which damage the climate is being built on an area covering 18,000 square metres – around the size of two and a half football pitches. As a result, the new installation on the roof of the central store for spare parts and accessories in Edison St. in Gütersloh is set to save around 370,000 kg CO2 per annum. This corresponds to the emissions of more than 200 mid-range cars with an internal combustion engine. Miele feeds the sun’s energy which is converted into electricity into the company’s own grid to power its production plant.

As recently as February, the company announced it would back climate-friendly terrestrial heat in Gütersloh in addition to solar power. With the aid of geothermal energy, Miele will in the future save more than 4 million kWh of heat from fossil fuels per year – and hence around 600,000 kg CO2. Further photovoltaic systems and terrestrial heat projects are at the planning stage.