Wood and contemporary architecture for Valcucine Riciclantica Outline


Riciclantica Outline is a modern kitchen proposed by Valcucine. The model is characterized by pure lines, with a terse, straight profile running along the edges, becoming the distinctive element of the composition. Due to its versatility, lightness and resistance, wood is enjoying a new lease of life in contemporary architecture thanks to the development of improved building techniques that can make the most of the great potential of this material. In addition, the protected edge reinforces the material and increases the strength of this modern kitchen.

To enhance the purity of the lines, Riciclantica Outline offers the possibility of declining finishes on the door, top and side. A stylistic choice that allows the creation of a single-material element with perfect visual cleanliness. The design philosophy of this project combines the compositional lightness of Riciclantica and its Special Elements with functional blocks, which can be combined thanks to suspended elements declined in various types.

The planning philosophy behind Riciclantica Outline combines some functional volumes which can be connected using different types of floating elements. These versatile solutions can be configured to satisfy various needs, putting together functions, forms and materials. In keeping with the principle of dematerialization, the Floor-to-ceiling System is made up of vertical uprights in black anodised aluminium paired with elegant Gloss Smoky Grey Vitrum Velato shelves for a refined colour effect that adds personality to any room.