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Ecofire Vivienne by Palazzetti

From the kitchen to the living room: nothing creates more atmosphere than a room illuminated by firelight and with a latest generation stove it’s easy to heat up and at the same time enjoy a pleasant and welcoming environment. The Made in Italy models, in particular, offer in a single product the effectiveness of performing and safe systems, the convenience of new technologies for the control and management of the appliances and the elegance of the style, with attention to every aspect. No less important, then, is the issue of reducing energy waste for greater convenience and environmental protection.

T3 platform in a soft circular design
Efficiency, savings and comfort characterize Ecofire Vivienne by Palazzetti. It is an airtight pellet stove which guarantees a pleasant view of the flame through its door. The round sides, available in Black, Moka and White, are made of steel. Vivienne stands out for the exclusive T3 platform, with total combustion brazier and automatic cleaning system. This innovation makes it possible to completely burn the pellet, optimize combustion efficiency and drastically reduce the frequency of cleaning operations. In fact, only a few mineral salts remain in the brazier, which are discharged into the ash drawer with an automatic and motorized mechanism. The stove is available in two powers (9 and 13 kW), also in the AirPro2 and AirPro3 ductable versions, and can be equipped with a Connection Box to control the appliance with a smartphone or voice command.

With the app or with Alexa
La Nordica Extraflame proposes the Angy hermetic and ventilated pellet stove, which belongs to the Evolution Line. It is equipped with wi-fi connectivity to manage the product through the Total Control app
3.0 but there is also the possibility of integration with Alexa. Further pluses of the stove are the removable brazier which facilitates ordinary cleaning, the radio remote control with handheld device which also acts as a room thermostat and the Pro Air Setup function for ventilation (or also for ducting) which allows to choose among different power intensities and flow rates of the air. In addition, the front ventilation motor features the Automatic system, which allows the set temperature values to be reached and kept constant, obtaining high thermal comfort and reducing consumption at the same time. Angy is covered in black painted steel and the lower band is available in white or bronze (if a two-tone effect is desired) or in black (in continuity with the color of the top and upper sides).
Essential lines and The Mind system
The clean and essential style makes the Lena pellet stove by Edilkamin a solution that is well suited to contemporary environments. It has a cast iron combustion chamber, a white ceramic or soapstone top and black steel or soapstone sides. The front hot air outlet (as well as the rear ducted ventilation, available in the Plus version) can be managed via a remote control, thanks to The Mind system, which integrates the stove with the home wi-fi network. In this way, Lena is able to heat the house in an intelligent and connected way. Furthermore, the Leonardo and Fire Control functions make it possible to automatically regulate combustion based on the environmental conditions, the characteristics of the used pellet and the conformation of the flue, thus optimizing fuel consumption and preserving the environment. Lena is in A+ energy class.