For a minimal and stain resistant kitchen


Easy to clean, easy to use and, at the same time, technological and with an essential aesthetic. It is Lapitec Chef, an innovative induction cooking system hidden under a top in Lapitec, the material that bears the name of the company that invented it. Lapitec is a sintered stone particularly suitable for the kitchen work surface, because it is obtained from a mixture of 100% natural minerals, without resins, inks or petroleum derivatives: it is therefore a safe and sustainable product. It has the appearance of the natural stone, but offers much higher performance: it is non absorbent and resistant to high temperatures, stains and normal chemicals used in the kitchen. In addition, it has a practically nothing porosity (therefore it is inhospitable for dirt and bacteria) and is scratches and impacts resistent.

How does Lapitec Chef work?
Operation is simple and is based on three main elements: the Lapitec top with touch controls, the inductors hidden under the worktop and the Mat, apparently a simple silicone mat but actually the key component of the system, equipped with magnetic sensors able to activate the induction. By placing the Mat on the hob, the controls are activated and cooking can proceed, using up to four induction zones, depending on whether one or two mats are used side by side (in the absence of the Mat, it is impossible to accidentally turn on the hob because the induction is inactive). Lapitec Chef is compatible with all induction cookware, has 9 burner power levels and can also operate in bridge and childlock mode. Instead, when the user is not cooking, the Mat can be placed elsewhere and the top therefore remains completely free, distinguished only by a display and small engravings. This facilitates cleaning operations and also allows the worktop to be used for other activities, such as preparing food before starting cooking, plating or eating. Furthermore, not only the surface is easy to clean but also the Mat can be washed in the dishwasher.

Patented innovation
Lapitec Chef is a solution patented and developed in collaboration with the University of Padua as regards the electrothermal part. It is the result of years of research and development, which have made it possible to create a technologically advanced, hygienic cooking system with a clean and linear aesthetics.

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