Cleaning hob and ovens: difficult has become easy


For appliances that come into contact with food, hygiene is essential. But how much effort can it cost to keep the oven or hob clean? Not much today, given that the most innovative products are also made with ease of cleaning in mind. The smooth surfaces of the glass-ceramic induction hobs make it easy to remove stains and food residues. In addition the construction methods of the suction hobs facilitates to remove the filters and their maintainance. Even ovens are equipped with technologies that allow to clean the appliance without too much effort by using steam or heat.

Steam: for cooking but also for cleaning
The Steamer and Combi-Steamer ovens of the V-Zug Excellence Line make of steam technology one of their strengths, not only for cooking but also for simplifying the cleaning of an appliance among the traditionally most tiring to clean ones. The steam cleaning program can be selected through the display: without the use of detergents, the stainless steel cooking chamber shines again, easily removing light dirt. In the case of more stubborn stains and residues, the steam power can also be combined with the special SteamerCleaner detergent, developed by the company. The oven guides the user through each stage of the process in order to achieve the best cleaning results. The appliances of the Excellence Line are managed through the CircleSlider, a control module cut into the glass of the control panel and positioned in the center of the touch display: in practice it is the evolved and interactive version of the classic adjustment knob.

Pyrolytic, Eco pyrolytic and steam cleaning
Different cleaning methods are possible with GEBD12404BPH oven by Grundig, belonging to the Prologue line. Starting with pyrolysis, a self-cleaning method which, by bringing the appliance to high temperatures, eliminates dirt by carbonising it. Splashes, grease stains and food encrustations are practically reduced to ashes so that their residues can then be easily removed with a cloth. The oven also allows to take advantage of the Eco pyrolytic function, which can be used when the appliance is not excessively dirty: a shorter cycle is activated at a lower temperature. Finally, this multifunctional model, which allows to carry out steam assisted cooking, also features a steam cleaning function. Among the other pluses of the product, there is the SmartAeroPro technology, inspired by aerodynamics: the fan rotates in two directions, minimizing temperature fluctuations and ensuring uniform cooking.

GEBD12404BPH oven by Grundig.

Easylift system and the top lifts easily
Thanks to the patented mechanism, the Baraldi Diamond induction hobs with integrated hood lift completely for easy and immediate cleaning. The easylift system, in fact, ensures that the glass of the appliance rises easily, allowing dirt to be removed quickly, with no elements to remove or parts to disassemble. After cleaning operations, the appliance can be closed easily. The Diamond Flexi model, in particular, has 4 induction zones and a flexi function on the 2 sides for cooking using long pans and saucepans. Moreover, the hob is equipped with 3 pre-set cooking levels to leave food warm, cook at low temperatures or keep boiling under control. Further peculiarities of the product are the residual heat indicator, the child safety lock and the pan detection.

Easylift system by Baraldi

Clean not only in style
The linear style of the NikolaTesla Unplugged suction hob by Elica makes the product not only an appliance with a contemporary style but also an appliance easy to keep as new as ever. The smooth cooking surface is in fact easy to clean: the central glass flap hides the suction area which is activated only when necessary; moreover, the filters are easily accessible and removable so to be washed or replaced quickly. In addition, the shock-resistant bulkhead protects the control area from any possible contact with pans and from any liquid spills. Furthermore, the fixed click-release knobs, with analog touch & feel, have a magnetic release of the aesthetic cover to simplify maintenance operations. The ease of cleaning is supported by various technological functions, including 3 automatic programs and the Autocapture function with which the hob automatically sets the most suitable suction power.