A journey to Provence


“Journey to Provence” is a custom-made kitchen project by Officine Gullo for a house located in Village de Gassin, among the hills of the French countryside. It is an open space (designed for cooking, eating and relaxing), which overlooks a garden through a large window. “We proposed two shades of contrasting colors to bring depth and light into the kitchen – explains Manfredi Conforzi, Commercial Director of the Tuscan company –. The mint green contrasts with the creamy white and the burnished brass finishes perfectly complete the project, making the environment even warmer and brighter”. To satisfy the customer’s requests, Officine Gullo has equipped the kitchen with high-performance technologies. In fact, there is an OG Professional 168 cooking machine, equipped with 4 professional burners, a smooth fry top and a pasta cooker. Above there is the hood, made in the same color. The wall used for storing food and drinks includes a professional refrigerator and two wine cellars, while the central island, with built-in dishwasher, has been entirely dedicated to washing.

The Made in Italy of Officine Gullo
Among the strengths of Officine Gullo’s projects are the high quality materials and tailoring. “Our kitchens – Conforzi underlines – are made with prestigious materials: steel, copper and brass, which are handcrafted with important thicknesses ranging from 2 to 7 mm. Above all, Officine Gullo is literally what it claims to be: a workshop, where raw materials are cut, bent and decorated, or rather forged, by the hand of man to obtain timeless works. The ‘ingredients’ are not industrial components, pre-finished or semi-finished, but plates, bars and rulers, and similarly the hammering, burnishing, nickel and chromium plating of the brass, the antiquing of the steel or the stove enamelling of the bodywork are made directly in the workshop after the piece has been molded into the shape and dimensions required by the customer”. Another “must” of the Italian company is sustainability: in fact, thanks to the more durable materials, the kitchens of Officine Gullo are made to resist wear and tear for a long time.

In the name of customization
The colors of Officine Gullo kitchens generally do not come from a standard palette, but are obtained on explicit request by the customer, sometimes inspired by the same chromatic finishes of a luxury car, a painting on the wall, a piece of furniture, etc.