GE Appliances presents the smart oven with no preheat


GE Profile™ launches its new . Innovative Zero Preheat Technology makes it the first and only countertop oven with no preheat for all modes, directly targeting food so the optimal temperature is reached more quickly without having to wait around for the oven to warm up. On top of this, it leads others in the industry with temperatures that reach up to 500°F, which are ideal for foods like pizza or a high-heat roast. The 11 smart, preset functions include Air Fry, Warm, Toast, Broil, Roast, Pastry, Reheat, Pizza, Cookies, Bake and Bagel.

«We know that time is one of the largest barriers to cooking delicious food at home, so we made a product that virtually eliminates the roadblock by removing preheating from the process – said Andre Zdanow, executive director of small appliances at GE Appliances -.With features like 11 no-preheat cooking modes, high heat temperatures, and guided recipes, the smart oven with no preheat is the ideal all-in-one solution for all modern cooks,from those who are trying to quickly get dinner on the table to those trying a new recipe for the first time.»

The model may sit on the counter, but it features a full-size oven-like capacity large enough to make a 12” pizza, a 13”x9” sheet cake or up to 8 pounds of chicken. It features the one-touch high-rise door that gives extra clearance on the countertop and avoids the need to reach over a hot door to remove food from the oven, all with one simple touch. And the signature GE Profile notification light bar displays the status and progress of cooking. The comapany’s smart oven with no preheat is Wi-Fi Connected with SmartHQ™. It is available in a Carbon Black finish.