The Omnichef oven by Smeg


The Smeg Omnichef oven combines traditional, steam and microwave cookings. The appliance offers seven cooking combinations and multiple possibilities in the kitchen. Thanks to the combination of the three cooking methods it is possible to save up to 70% of time compared to traditional cooking alone, without sacrificing quality.

Omnichef allows to obtain greater browning and crunchiness thanks to traditional cooking, preservation of flavors and vitamins thanks to steam, speed and convenience thanks to microwaves. The steam saturation in Omsnichef models reaches up to 100% for fat-free, fast and tasty cooking. Moreover, through the steam pulses function it is possible to add steam pulses at specific cooking intervals, retaining humidity without drying food.

Among the other plusses, we can find the sous vide function, an easy way to vacuum cook food at low temperatures for a longer period of time and achieve professional results with surprising textures; and the smart cooking function with 150 automatic recipes for meats, fish, first courses and desserts in just one click.