Versuni new member of APPLiA Europe


Versuni has joined APPLiA’s members. Formerly known as Philips Domestic Appliances, the company became independent in September 2021 and globally unveiled its new brand identity in 2023. As a licensee of Royal Philips, Versuni will keep the Philips consumer brand, as well as Saeco, Gaggia and Philips Walita, on its products and services. Other brands including Preethi, L’OR Barista and Senseo will also remain available for consumers.

Venturi offers different kind of products, ranging from kitchen appliances to coffee machies, climate, garment and floor care, with a presence in more than 100 countries. It also boasts 900 patents on its name. «As a company manufacturing for the people – said Henk S. de Jong, CEO of Versuni – we are committed to deliver top notch products and solutions improving daily lives, while caring for the environment. Sustainability is the key driver for innovation, and a core pillar of our business model. In its representative role of the industry in Europe, APPLiA is the perfect vehicle to promote the values and contributions of the sector to the consumers, the economy and the environment alike, creating the conditions for a prosperous, future-proof development».

«We are extremely pleased to welcome on board Versuni, bringing in a forward-looking vision and expertise that will be crucial catalysts to a successful advocacy strategy enshrining the diversified heritages of all members» – commented Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA Director General.