An outdoor special project for Atelier by Abimis


An Abimis kitchen was chosen for a 200 square meters terrace of a ‘farm’ 2.0 in a private house in Toronto. The space was conceived as a real open-air ‘floor’ to be experienced, equipped with glass protection to shelter from the wind and a bioclimatic veranda. It is equipped with kitchen, living area, dining room and maxi outdoor TV.

The owners, together with the designer, chose a kitchen from the Atelier line, custom-built by Abimis to satisfy the various practical and aesthetic needs and, above all, respecting the architectural language of the context. Made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel – an ideal alloy for outdoor cooking, as it makes the kitchen resistant to temperature variations, bad weather or environmental corrosion damage, it is biologically neutral, therefore antibacterial, hygienic and easy to clean – in the sophisticated Scotch Brite finish.

Its configuration sees two blocks, of the same size, divided by the column that supports the roof, separating their functions: the module on the right is complete with storage compartments, refrigerators, and a worktop approximately 3 meters long, while the one on the left houses the cooking and washing area, as well as an imposing central barbecue in American style.