Ecosophìa is the new sustainable kitchen catalog of Valcucine


Timber architecture, vertical forests, passive homes, LEED-certified buildings, houses that merge with nature, redeveloped historical spaces. Valcunine has decided to imagine its kitchens installed in sustainable and innovative homes, in contexts that represent the new frontiers of contemporary architecture and that are an ongoing source of inspiration for a better future.

«Our history shows the extent to which sustainability has been an integral part of our company’s identity since it was founded in 1980 – Valcune said -. Our search for a responsible development model has given rise to projects, intuitions and solutions that – with a view to ongoing improvement – have revolutionised kitchen conventions, to the extent of becoming truly groundbreaking.»

With the aim of showing its proposals in the sustainability field, Valcucine ha realized a catalog, called Ecosophìa, with the company sustainable architecture and kitchen design collection.