Electrolux and HCA presents the new standard for home connectivity


The Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA) presented the HCA 1.0 interface specification, thus establishing an industry standard for Cloud-to-Cloud (C2C) interoperability across long-life appliances, HVAC systems and TVs within the connected home ecosystem.

Electrolux, a founding member of Home Connectivity Alliance, believes the standard will be significant to consumers and to the industry as they will ensure that long-life appliances, HVACs and TVs are seamlessly interoperable with one other, regardless of manufacturer. Consumers will be able to control any device with any app and the HCA 1.0 interface specification will also pave the way for more energy-efficient solutions within the connected home.

«As a founding member of Home Connectivity Alliance – says Jonas Samuelson, President and CEO of Electrolux -, we are excited to see the progress we have achieved together with our fellow members within just a year of the organization’s launch. We are especially excited about the potential this has for the development of interoperable and energy-efficient ecosystems among trusted global brands».