Miele explains the benefits of Eco washing


Insights from industry surveys and pseudonymised data from connected machines from Miele allow the conclusion to be drawn that Eco programmes are only activated in around 25% of cases on dishwashers. The figure for washing machines is around 5%.

«If the Eco programme were to be used every third time on a washing machine and every second time on a dishwasher – Miele explains – massive electricity savings would be the result. Depending on the intensity of use, these vary from 1.5 bn kWh per annum to more than 2 bn kWh pro. The reason for consumers’ reticence in using the Eco mode result from common misgivings as to the suitability of these programmes on washing machines and dishwashers in everyday use».

Miele found the main myths that prevent people from using Eco programmes. According to the company, people think that: “laundry and crockery does not come out properly clean in the Eco programme”; “As Eco programmes take longer, they use more rather than less energy”; “Eco programmes take far too long”; “The frequent use of Eco programmes shortens the life cycle of machines”.

Miele explains that the most of these beliefs are false and ensures that its washing machines and dishwashers are tested to last 20 years and endurance testing takes Eco programmes into account to reflect realistic use. Furthermore, additional strain resulting from the longer cycles in Eco programmes are very moderate and uncritical with respect to the impact on life expectancy.