Tireless helpers


by Laura Colonna

Never as in the Christmas period people cook for a long time and for many people, ranging from more traditional dishes to experimenting with new recipes. At this time of the year, menus are particularly rich in courses, for lunches and dinners ranging from appetizers to desserts. Small appliances for food preparation are a precious help, because, thanks to the numerous accessories, they not only allow to achieve good results with little effort and in a short time, but are also very useful for creating dishes that are beautiful to see.

Slicing with precision and safety
Slicer is a reliable and safe tool, ideal when you need to accurately slice cold cuts or roasts to be served on a tray, or cheeses, fruit and vegetables. The Luxury 25 Special series by R.G.V., available in 4 different colors, combines technical effectiveness with attention to design. Moreover, thanks to the Easy Clean system it is possible to tilt the slicer plate, making it possible to quickly and easily clean the cutting area, behind and under the blade. The latter is of a professional type and is hardened, ground and hard chromium plated to maintain efficiency longer. The device, which has a structure with a rounded base, allows slicing with a cutting thickness from 0 to 15 mm. Furthermore, the food holder is easy to disassemble and the arm withfinger protection can be washed in the dishwasher.

Tomato sauces and more
The 10900 N tomato machine by Reber is a tool capable of providing high performance. It is possible to prepare up to 140 kg/h of tomato sauce with low energy consumption thanks to the energy-saving motor. The appliance is suitable for use with hot or raw tomatoes and for the preparation of jams. Furthermore, the materials with which the product is made are of high quality: the filter cone, the funnel, the drip pan and the splash-guard are in 18/10 stainless steel (AISI 304), while the tomato press propeller, in acetal resin, is highly resistant (over 220°) and suitable for food contact. Finally, the body is in painted cast iron, treated for food use. This appliance can also be used with a series of applicable accessories: slow juicer, meat mincer, cheesegrater and vegs shredder.
Tomato machine 10900 N by Reber

A multifunctional tool
Thanks to the various accessories, the hand blender is now a multifunctional product that allows to make various preparations. The Electrolux Create 5 E5HB2-8SS model is equipped with a whisk, potato masher, glass and mini chopper for making smoothies, guacamole, sauces and mincing vegetables. The blender offers various speed settings and the Turbo function. In addition, thanks to the TruFlow technology and the new optimized blade design, it allows for better mixing. The handle of the device is practical and offers a stable and secure grip to perform all functions.
Electrolux Create 5 E5HB2-8SS hand blender (courtesy of Electrolux).

Effortlessly doughs
The planetary mixer is a product capable of simplifying life in the kitchen, helping to make doughs and other preparations with ease thanks to the possibility of connecting various accessories. The Blossom Design Edition of KitchenAid is characterized by the particular sage green color and the bowl (4.7 liters) with hammered copper finish. The product has a galvanized metal structure and has 10 speeds to mix ingredients of all kinds in a very short time. Stainless steel accessories include flat beater, pastry flat beater, wire whip and dough hook.
Blossom Design Edition planetary by KitchenAid (courtesy of KitchenAid).