The new era of cooling


Refrigerators of new generation pair very well with a contemporary kitchen, boasting cutting-edge technologies in food preservation and hi-tech functions. Afeter having become efficient from the energy consumption point of view, these appliances now integrate advanced systems to preserve freshness of food for longer. But not only. Some models are also equipped with a water dispenser, thus helping to reduce the use of plastic bottles. Finally, in the era of the connected home, these appliances have technologies allowing the refrigerator to go beyond the main storage function, offering new possibilities.

Refrigerator transforms into a technological hub
With the Family Hub RF65A977FSR by Samsung, refrigerator becomes the technological heart of the home. This 4 doors model is a true concentrate of technology: it has a 21.5” full HD touch display, 3 internal cameras and integrated speakers; in addition, it allows you to create a smart shopping list directly from the fridge or smartphone. The product is also equipped with a Beverage CenterTM, which allows to obtain fresh filtered water in two ways: from the dispenser inside the refrigerator or from the integrated jug (BPA-free), which, thanks to the Autofill function, can be refilled independently. Furthermore, it is possible to flavor water with fruit, vegetables and aromas. Among its many functions, the refrigerator allows to watch TV programs or access online content. And, thanks to a widget, it is possible to quickly launch the most popular video streaming apps or social media.
Four doors refrigerator Samsung Family Hub RF65A977FSR (courtesy of Samsung).
Latest generation technologies and connectivity
The combined freestanding CBNstd 579i by Liebherr belongs to the Peak series, the company's top range, and stands out for the BioFresh-Professional function with HydroBreeze, which allows the most delicate foods to be preserved in the best possible way. HydroBreeze produces a cold mist that is vaporized every 90 minutes for 4 seconds and for 8 seconds when the door is opened: this technology allows to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for longer. The product is also equipped with InfinitySpring (the water dispenser mounted flush in the left wall of the refrigerator compartment) and VarioTemp, a function that allows to convert the freezer compartment into a refrigerator compartment or cellar compartment, setting a temperature between -2°C and +14°C. Finally, the model is also equipped with the SmartDevice, with which it is possible to control the refrigerator or freezer from a smartphone or tablet. Through the free app, settings and functions can be managed remotely.
CBNstd 579i combined refrigerator by Liebherr (courtesy of Liebherr).

Super Cooling and Super Freezing
Thanks to the Super Cooling function, present in the Four Door MKRF 620/4D NF E XS refrigerator by Master Kitchen, fresh food inside the refrigerator compartment is cooled quickly. In addition, the appliance keeps the temperature low for ideal food storage. With the Super Freezing function, on the other hand, it is possible to freeze fresh food placed in the freezer very quickly: this is particularly useful when there are large quantities of food to stow or drinks to freeze. At the end of the process, the freezer returns to its initial function. Other pluses of the product are: the E energy efficiency class, the Total No Frost system, the digital display for product control, 3 independent cooling systems, etc.
Four Door Refrigerator MKRF 620/4D NF E XS by Master Kitchen

Focus on sustainability and space optimization
Fght against food waste and practicality are the hallmarks of the KFN 7795 D fridge-freezer by Miele. The appliance integrates the PerfectFresh Active system, which uses ultrasonic nebulization technology at regular intervals to perform an active humidification function and preserve the freshness of fruit and vegetables for longer. Further strengths of the product are the DynaCool ventilation system, the DuplexCool technology (two independent cooling systems), the optimization of the Comfort-Size spaces (which also allows the oven trays to be placed in the refrigerator), the shelf with 180°rotatable base FlexiTray and networking with Miele@home.