Cooking for holidays


by Patrizia Bianchi

Even those who are not very familiar with cooking can easily prepare an excellent Christmas dinner using the technologies of the most advanced ovens. The availability of cooking techniques and tools derived from the professional world (such as steam and the temperature probe) helps to achieve results that were unthinkable some time ago. Furthermore, the automatic programs allow a guided management of the process in order to avoid errors thanks to the presence of pre-set parameters. Moreover, there are models which in the standard of 60 cm offer a large internal capacity and products equipped with systems facilitating the cleaning operations.

Optimal results with steam
Six steam cooking modes, 11 programs and 9 special functions: the Atmos multifunction oven by Fulgor Milano allows to experience the advantages of steam for a healthy and tasty cooking, which preserves meat and fish juices, makes the doughs soft inside and crunchy outside, and allows to preserve the nutrients of the vegetables. The use of the oven is simple: the control panel opens and the water tank (1.5 liters) is easily extracted for refilling, when necessary, without having to open the appliance door. The steam temperature is reached quickly (less than 5 minutes) and the product has an autonomy of over 3 hours for steam cooking at 100°C. Furthermore, the choice of programs is intuitive thanks to the display with icons representing the different types of food. Among the various functions, then, there is also the specific one for cooking pizza, selecting which the oven reaches a temperature of 290°C.

Multifunction cooking in A++ class
The multifunction oven of the S4001 series by Foster allows to cook with ease thanks to the different cooking programs. The appliance, with touch control commands, is equipped with Self Cooking electronic programming, a system that allows you to recall a large set of pre-set recipes and also to store them. A further feature of the product is the thermo probe, which measures the core temperature of food in real time to obtain the right point of cooking. In addition, the oven is comfortable to use thanks to the telescopic full extension rails and the soft closing door. Moreover, the rapid pre-heating function allows to reach 200°C quickly. The product is also designed with attention to the issue of efficiency: it is in A++ class and includes the eco ventilated cooking program. Finally, cleaning is facilitated by the cavity with Easy Clean enamel and the Acquaclean cleaning program.

Cavity of 76 liter and pyrolytic cleaning
In the classic 60 cm models, the Bertazzoni F6011PROVPTX oven of the Professional Series offers a large 76-liter cavity. The appliance is equipped with Total Steam technology for steam cooking and has a total of 11 functions. The TFT display, in addition to selecting the programs together with the knobs, also allows the management of the thermo probe and of the Bertazzoni Assistant that supports the user: it automatically controls a precise sequence of cooking functions, temperature and times, allowing to obtain excellent results. Furthermore, cleaning is not difficult thanks to the pyrolysis that sanitizes the appliance without the use of detergents, reaching high temperatures that reduce dirt to ashes.

Trivalent oven for combined cooking
Available in the Nostalgie and Professional Plus collections, the Ultracombi electric oven by Ilve is a trivalent and compact model (60 cm, 36 liters capacity), equipped with functions for combined cooking with different techniques (hot air, steam and microwave). The operating temperature varies from 30°C to 250°C and, thanks to the 5 single processes and 4 combined programs, it is possible to reduce cooking times, achieving high performance. Using the TFT touch display, you can for example integrate microwaves with grill or ventilation and steam. The product is made of painted steel for the Nostalgie collection (code 645SNHSW) and in stainless steel (645SLHSW) or black tempered glass (645STCHSW) for the Professional Plus collection.
Ultracombi oven by Ilve of the Nostalgie collection