New showroom in India for Valcucine


Valcucine with the partner CJ Living has opened a new kitchen showroom in New Delhi. The store is located on MG Road which is a primary artery and has become retail prime interior destination of India. On a total surface of 3.000 sqft, the store opens to a reception area and the interior is an empty signifier giving enough content to give meaning to the products it houses.

In the new kitchen showroom in New Delhi, the creative and colorful design of Logica Celata stands out. In its bar composition it kept in centre breaking away from the monochromatic of the spaces and features the contextuality of Delhi. Among the other models created by Valcunine, the showroom displays  Artematica Vitrum and Forma Mentis.

The bar back is designed as the eye catchy piece of art. The bar adorned with the special Vitrum Arte tecnique rappresents the Map of Delhi in the color scheme inspired by the artwork of an Indian artist-SH Raza. This is the only splash of color in the showroom and acts as the show stopper for the area. Designed with special attention to ergonomics, this solution allows for a more open space, greater freedom of movement and a perfect view of the worktop, which is used for the entire surface area, although in a smaller size.