Panasonic new Slow Cooker is available in the MEA region


Panasonic has recently introduced its Slow Cooker NF-N51A in the Middle East and Africa region. Available in 5-liter version, the Panasonic Slow Cooker distributes heat evenly throughout cooking, allowing food not to get too hot and thus eliminating the need to keep an eye on the pot all the time and stirring the ingredients. This handy automated cooking feature also makes it safe to leave ingredients to cook for up to eight hours with minimal supervision.

The Slow Cooker is built with three heat settings to suit cooking a variety of healthy recipes, including soups and stews, as well as ideal for braising and tendernizing the toughest of meat. The Low Pre-Set is ideal for stewing and keeping the food warm, the High Pre-Set is for cooking and boiling, while the Auto Pre-Set is for gently cooking throughout the day or night. The non-stick ceramic pot is thick and durable, and specially-designed to retain heat, resulting in stable thermal heating during cooking.

In addition, the product boasts ultra-sleek design with its simple, white matt body that complements any kitchen interiors. Built with easy-to-grab side handles and slim control integrated rotary knob, the Slow Cooker has a heat-resistant glass lid, which is easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe. The smooth surface is non-stick, so food comes off easily and does not retain grime, making the clean-up process a breeze.