Grundig dishwasher in A (-10%) class


In the dishwasher sector Grundig presents an important novelty: the 60 cm class A fully integrated dishwasher (model GNVP4611C). Part of the new Prologue collection, which expresses the aesthetic path in which Grundig has invested in recent years and which contains a series of master products, which can be chosen independently or all together, for an integrated vision of the kitchen. The model has energy consumption A (-10%), which means 10% less than the threshold limit set for A class.

The new energy regulation has imposed increasingly challenging objectives to consistently reduce the energy consumption of our household appliances. The A class Grundig dishwasher consumes 35% less energy per cycle than an A+++ machine of the old energy regulation. The model also features HygieneCare technology able to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria with the steam generated thanks to the high temperature.

In addition, the Grundig A Class dishwasher is equipped with CornerWash® technology specifically designed to clean all dishes, even the dirtiest ones, wherever they are placed inside the machine. In fact, thanks to the three-armed rotating sprayer that moves in a circular way, it is possible to reach every corner of the lower basket. EcoDirect, on the other hand, allows to obtain perfect drying results with high energy savings (up to 25%) by heating only the surface of the dishes during the drying phase, unlike standard systems in which the whole tank of the dishwasher is heated.