A personalized kitchen with LG Objet Collection


MoodUP™ refrigerator by LG is this year the addition to the LG Objet Collection lineup. Featuring color-changing LED door panels that can be easily controlled with the LG ThinQ app, MoodUP is a very customizable model. «The ultimate fridge for those who enjoy variety and change in their living environment – LG says -, the MoodUP can be ‘refreshed’ with a different color combo whenever the mood takes hold. And for those planning to redecorate their kitchen, the MoodUP can easily match any new décor by changing colors on the app».

‘LG Objet’ concept was launched in 2018, to meet the rising demand for home appliances that can blend in well with each consumer’s decorating style. LG Objet solutions are a premium combination of home appliances and furniture that delivers modern convenience as well as seamless stylistic and spatial integration. LG Objet Collection convertible fridge and freezer become point item with pink color in simple kitchen.

In October 2020, the company presented the LG Objet Collection, that included products with the latest technologies with an aesthetic that harmonizes effortlessly with one’s taste in décor, whatever it may be and however it might change. Offering various combinations of colors and finishes to choose from, the Collection presents a plethora of personalization possibilities.