Aran Cucine will be at Esprit Cuisine Paris


Aran Cucine will partecipate at Esprit Cuisine Fair (part of EspritMeuble), that will be held in Paris from 19 to 22 november 2022. This year the event is innovating and creating for the first time a “village”, dedicated exclusively to the world of the kitchen in the heart of the living room, and thus create a link with the world of furniture. For the occasion, Aran Cucine will display CUCINAnD’O, the project by the chef Davide Oldani.

CUCINAnD’O melts two keywords: cucina (kitchen) and D’O, the famous restaurant of Davide Oldani in Cornaredo, in the province of Milan, who thought this kitchen, designed in collaboration with Attila Veress. The model represents his philosophy of pop cuisine: quality and sustainability are the underpinnings of the domestic architecture created by the Milan-born chef.

CUCINAnD’O, a project by chef Davide Oldani for Aran Cucine

The minimal design of the central island block underlines the attention to the intelligent consumption, that Oldani himself promotesthrough an idea of waste-free cuisine, based on a simple principle: to avoid the excesses, it is necessary not to produce them. The definition and distribution of all the CUCINAnD’O spaces mirror the values of a sustainable kitchen, capable of involving and awakening those who personally live these spaces.

The eliminate excess philosophy is reflected into the most operational part, with the induction hobs and the composition of black aluminium shelves integrated into a stainless-steel worktop, but also in the pocket doors that expand all along the kitchen wall, as mark of extreme essentiality. The formal balance and elegance of this structure, grey matt lacquered, allows to take advantage of the convivial space: internally, thanks to an organized division in compartments with pullout shelves and fully integrated drawers and appliances, the conservation of raw materials and the preparation of the dishes are made easier by the possibility to have all the necessary on hand.