The 50’S collection by Cesar

The 50’S Double-faced system by Cesar

Among the news for 2022, Cesar has launched The 50’S kitchens collection. Designed by García Cumini, it is characterized by a double-sided extruded aluminium system. The 50’s is a modern interpretation of 1950’s bookshelf and storage systems, complete with new functions to satisfy the needs of a more fluid society.

This fluidity is clear in The 50’s ability to integrate and link different environments in the home. The system can be outfitted for the kitchen or living room, or combine the different functions.

In its double-faced version, the double-sided modules are deeper to allow for symmetrical use and offer adequate space on both sides. The “Fiocina” (available in black, polished nickel, bronze and Champagne finishes, coordinated with foot and knob) serves a dual purpose, acting as a structural furnishing element and as an elegant metal insert that enhances the overall aesthetic.