Alta Cucine kitchens with Barazza purifying ovens


The kitchens systems by Alta Cucine can be equipped with Icon, the innovative purifying oven created by Barazza. «Icon ovens – the Italian kitchen manufacturer says – cover a wide range of needs: 60 ovens, combined steam and microwave, coffee machine, blast chiller and vacuum drawer or food warmer… multiple functions are combined with 5 elegant finishes (Glass, Steel, Exclusive, Trama, Mat) giving shape to personal style in the kitchen».

But Icon also features a very innovative function: it is able to purify the air encironment trought Zefiro, «the first system in the world – Alta Cucine underlines – to transform the built-in oven into a real air sanitiser. With the Zefiro system, the Barazza oven becomes to all intents and purposes a sanitiser for the home environment, improving the quality of life».

This oven, in fact, purifies the air from viruses and bacteria, removes unpleasant odors from the kitchen environment and in operation together with the hood, the purification process becomes even faster. It also guarantees low consumption, thanks to the tangential ventilation and the automatic switching off of the internal light when sanitising is in operation.

«The air to be sanitised – Alta Cucine explaines – is sucked in through holes specifically located on the rear side of the oven thanks to the appliance’s tangential ventilation. Once captured inside, the air is conveyed to the upper side of the oven and from there channelled through a double beam of germicidal ultraviolet light emitted by two UV-C LED plates. This beam of light is crucial: it modifies the DNA or RNA of the microorganisms it irradiates, preventing their reproduction and rendering them harmless to humans. At this point, after being purified of harmful substances and bad odours, the air is reintroduced into the environment by exploiting the slit on the front of the oven, between the controls and the door.