Elementi by Snaidero, “the maximum expression of the minimalist style”


Among the new projects launched by Snaidero this year, Elementi is a kitchen definied by the company as “the maximum expression of the minimalist style”. The new model, presented at Eurocucina 2022, is the result of Snaidero Research & Development activity, oriented towards the natural essentiality of forms.

The model features an opening cut on the door, an aesthetic and, at the same time, functional solution that characterizes the environment. Groove is the name of the new framed door that has a handle profile integrated with the unique inclined shape of the door that allows it to be opened.

Moreover, Tibetus, a lightweight technical bridge in black anodized aluminum, is mounted on the kitchen island. This structure was created to have a non-invasive element across the entire range, light and functional for operation. It is equipped with diffused light and hosts many accessories and useful equipment for preparations.

In Elements materials play a very important role. The ceramic, which covers the floor, the island and the walls in a total look, is combined with a new and technical finish: diamond aluminum, one of the most refined and resistant finishes in the range, obtained through craftsmanship, for a texture in relief with a three-dimensional effect and pleasant to touch thanks to the powder coating process.