Upright 300, the lightest Hoover vacuum cleaner


Upright 300 is a very light Hoover vacuum cleaner. It weighs less than 5kg in use, making it easy to manoeuvre around the home The foot of the Upright 300 has been engineered with a flexible joint to make it ultra-manoeuvrable.

Thanks to it’s 80┬░ steering angle, the swivelling floor nozzle glides around the home and furniture with ease. The model allows to switch the brush bar on when on carpets, and slide the vent cover to vary the suction if required.

Equipped with advanced multi-cyclonic technology, this vacuum cleaner pushes dust away from filter, helping it stay cleaner for longer, while the allergy care H13 Hepa washable traps allergens and helps purify the air in your home. Upright 300 is available in red or blue colors and pets versions.