GE Profile adds Alexa to its wahing machines

Image created by The Power Agency.

GE Profile™ announced the availability of its Top Load 900 series, the first-ever washer with Alexa built in and latest addition to the series announced earlier this year as part of the new GE Profile laundry portfolio. As a brand that’s rooted in innovation, GE Profile’s decision to integrate Alexa into its latest laundry machines stemmed from consumer demand for a more personalized and smarter experience.

With thousands of utterance combinations Alexa can recognize, customers can ask Alexa to name specific fabrics such as blankets, cashmere, jeans, or even gym clothes. They can also ask Alexa to identify types of stains like “chocolate bar,” “deodorant,” or “pinot noir,” and the machine will adjust automatically to provide a wash tailored to the request.

«This product gives our owners a more personalized laundry experience by making the machine more intuitive to the needs of the household and those who live there – said executive director of clothes care at GE Appliances, Michael Mattingly -. You no longer have to know what setting washes grass stains or how to care for silk… just ask Alexa and the washer and dryer will do the rest.»

Beyond its built-in Alexa, the Top Load 900 series also has Enhanced Smarter Wash Technology that uses adaptive technology to deliver a stronger clean. With this technology, consumers have the ability to adjust the cycle based on the desired power and care for each item. On top of this, Smart Wash and Smart Rinse features rely on sensors to measure soil and detergent levels to help minimize wash times and deliver better fabric care.