All the ways to customize Samsung Bespoke appliances


A key aspect of expanding the Samsung Bespoke design ethos has been listening to consumers. For instance, the company launched a worldwide design contest, providing consumers with Bespoke refrigerator panels as a blank canvas for self-expression. The contests started in Korea with #BESPOKE Rendezvous in 2019. Samsung took to the trendy streets of Hongdae, Seoul with a 3-day pop-up event to launch the design contest, joined by celebrities and performers.

Attendees got to see first-hand the modularity of the Bespoke refrigerators in various configurations and were encouraged to create their own designs in exploring the freedom of design. Also in attendance at the event, world-famous graffiti artist Artime Joe of street art team Stick Up Kids performed a live drawing on refrigerator panels.
In September 2021, a contests was held in Singapore and globally from the U.K., followed by Vietnam in December. Following those, Samsung also launched a design contest in the U.A.E. earlier this year.

In addition, Samsung launched MyBespoke offering North American users a chance to express their individualism by designing their own Bespoke refrigerator panels from start to finish. To start things off, three influencers took part in designing panels on the Bespoke French Door refrigerator. Later this year, MyBespoke will be opened to the North American public, marking the first time users will have the opportunity to create truly one-of-a-kind panels for Bespoke refrigerators.