Meat is also hi-tech

Multifunction oven FE9VV092EGD of La Cottura by Italian Design

Among the advantages offered by an oven with advanced functions, there is also the possibility of preparing meat dishes cooked to perfection without having particular experience in cooking. Automatic programs, pre-set recipes and tools inspired by the professional world allow the user to cook by letting the oven guide in order to avoid mistakes. Selecting the settings is easy thanks to the electronic displays: each meat cut is cooked in the most correct way and with the desired degree of cooking.

Right program, right heat
In a multifunction oven, the availability of a series of cooking programs means that, simply by choosing the desired one, the corresponding heating elements are automatically activated to obtain the most suitable type of heat. The FE9VV092EGD model of La Cottura by Italian Design, for example, within its 9 functions has3 programs in which the rotisserie is combined with other oven components: rotisserie+grill (for delicate grilling and perfect browning ), rotisserie+upper heating element+grill (for a quick and deep grilling and for roasting meats in general), rotisserie+infrared grill+upper resistance+ventilated cooking to ensure uniform circulation of hot air (the latter mode is particularly suitable when grilling on the upper level and cooking baked potatoes on the lower level). The appliance is also a 90 cm model with double fan (for effective heat diffusion), featuring electronic programmer and 125 liter cavity.

Barbecue function
The GFP93IX-S6 multifunction thermoventilated oven by Gleam Gas features the Barbecue Specialista function by Glem. It is ideal for meats and roasts that require a high surface temperature to maintain a “grilled” appearance and a soft consistency.

Combining heat and humidity
Introducing controlled percentages of steam into the oven cavity allows to cook meat while keeping it juicy inside. Combined steam ovens allow to cook food by combining heat and steam: they are innovative products but they are not complicated to use because the automatic programs and intuitive interfaces make using these appliances simple. An example is the FCLCSO 4510 TEM BK model by Fulgor Milano (Cluster Concept line), equipped with the Creactive Extended operating system. It has 12 functions and automatic cooking with pre-selected and editable recipe book. The part of the control panel with the food icons (including those relating to poultry and meat) is a shortcut menu that allows to quickly select the most suitable cooking mode. In addition, the oven is also equipped with a probe for measuring the internal temperature of the food. This tool, derived from the professional world, is useful for cooking roasts, steaks or poultry: it allows to control the temperature of the meat at the core and automatically stop cooking as soon as the set value is reached.

FCLCSO 4510 TEM BK oven by Fulgor Milano
Probe with 3 detection points
Combair Steamer V6000 by V-ZUG (Excellence Line, distributed in Italy by Frigo2000) is a combined steam oven with a thermometric probe that detects the temperature in three points inside the food. In conjunction with the SoftRoasting function (gentle automatic cooking with browning), the system guides the user via the display with CircleSlider.
Excellence Line ovens by V-ZUG

Multiple cooking technologies
Today, cooking meat in the oven can be done with appliances equipped with different technologies. The S4001 line by Foster, for example, includes multifunction, combined steam and combined microwave models. Among the pluses of the range there is the temperature probe, extensive recipe menus and numerous cooking modes and functions.
S4001 ovens by Foster