Minimal chic



Baraldi Elea hood

Minimal hoods are characterized by a style that enhances the purity of the shapes: lines are essential and colors range mainly from stainless steel, to black, to white, making these appliances easily to be integrated with the other elements of the kitchen. The variety of solutions and finishes makes it possible to satisfy different needs, depending on the preferences of the end user. Furthermore, the linearity of the aesthetics is combined with the effectiveness of these devices which contain a high-tech “heart” able to ensure high performance.

Elea: essential style in different variants
Conceived with a clean and linear design, the Elea hood by Baraldi is a model for island or peninsula made in different sizes and aesthetic variants: from 116, 146 and 176 cm, and with the fireplace in the center or off-center to the right or left. The finishes available are in stainless steel or with scratch-resistant black or white paint. Furthermore, the Elea Glass version features a glass top and a stainless steel or black structure. The essential style is combined with advanced technologies: all Elea hoods are equipped with motors in A or A+ class to reduce consumption by up to 30%, with flow rates up to 900 m3/h. Recently, the company has also introduced the DryDrop version for all sizes, which integrates an anti-condensation system into the essential design of the product, especially useful when the hood is placed over an induction hob. When the system is activated, the perimeter panel of the appliance heats up to 55°C in a controlled manner, avoiding the creation of condensation. The residual steam entering the hood is stopped by a sponge filter.

The ultra-compact suction of Light

Falmec Light

Innovative technology applied to a light and contemporary design: the Light hood by Falmec is an island solution, designed to fit both in an independent space and “in dialogue” with the living area. What distinguishes this appliance are the geometric lines and the ultra-compact suction body, made possible by the new Multi-Air technology, developed by Falmec. This technology distributes the suction power, normally concentrated on a single motor, in several small motors, to guarantee the same suction efficiency in a reduced volume. Light is also characterized by a central element in tempered smoked glass (120 cm or 180 cm) and two lateral profiles in black anodized satin aluminum, which integrate LED strips able of spread the light along the entire lower perimeter of the two components.

Rules aligns with the wall units
Thanks to a mechanism that adjusts its depth, Rules by Elica (design Fabrizio Crisà) has a double “soul”: by reducing the thickness to a minimum, it almost disappears into the wall or, alternatively, it aligns perfectly with the depth of the wall units without discontinuity. Various finishes: black full glass, naked (can be paneled with the same door as the wall units) and Dekton Nero Sirius.

Inside Out “disappears” into the ceiling
It is a hood equipped with advanced technologies, associated with minimal lines. Inside Out by Sirius (design Giacomo Fava) is activated by remote control and descends from the ceiling allowing the extraction of cooking vapors, then hiding again at the end of the use.